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Outdoor Training

Group Training

Our Group Fitness classes are suitable for all fitness levels. The timetable has been put together to offer a variety of programs to achieve maximum results.

Classes are short but effective; including MetaFit, MetaPWR, Strength & Tone and of course Bootcamps.


MetaFit is a high intensity workout including a series of body weight exercises with interval style training designed to keep your body burning calories long after your training session is complete.


MetaPWR is a circuit style class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercises to target and develop strength, power, agility and cardiovascular efficiency.


No bootcamp is ever the same, Taylored Fitness by Mel structure our bootcamps around what our clients want. Some sessions will be body weight, some sessions will be about resistance and some tabata sessions. One thing is for sure – you will work hard.


Boxing at Taylored Fitness is all about strength, technique & skill. This cardio and strength workout is suitable for all levels of fitness. Boxing is a great workout to put into your exercise program because it is a full body workout.

Personal Training

Training in a private non-judgemental environment, located in Narellan. If you are new to training, time will be taken to teach you the technique of each exercise. If you are a fitness competitor; guidance and support will be given to you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Mel is committed to supporting you, motivate you to push that little harder, when you think you can’t do no more.


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